Monday, May 9, 2011

Modular Homes Are Not Boxy Mobile Homes

Homes are perfect shelter for human being, where they can be protected from outside weather conditions and other disasters. The perception about new homes have considerably changed with the development in the construction technology. The Modular residences look like the traditionally built homes and are available from cottages to mansions. All these homes are accredited for their custom interiors and exteriors that are designed according to choices of the home makers. People can choose from a wide assortment of colors and designs for the interior flooring, carpeting, hardware, tiles and molding for these homes. However, people still believe that these Modular Homes are boxy mobile homes, which are known for simplicity or rectangularity. These homes are not the same as the cramped “boxy mobile homes” in the past, but are similar to the traditionally built homes that simply exceed beyond the buyer's imagination.

The Modular Homes are mainly constructed by retrofitting the mobile homes with contemporary looking manufactured houses. These manufactured homes can be custom designed or can help in upgrading the older mobile homes. All the Modular structures are available with a wide array of house styles and plans, such as split level, two-storey housing and many more. These manufactured homes are a bit different to the conventional homes, as these are built in a high-tech, temperature controlled factory. The panels are built inside the factory, which make these Modular Homes resistant to the changes in the weather conditions. Above all, the insulation in these advanced buildings is much better than the traditionally built homes. All these features make these Modular structures totally different and unique from the “boxy mobile homes”.

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