Saturday, May 7, 2011

Home Improvement of Manufactured Homes

The floor plan known as American Geodesic makes use of interior wallboard, polystyrene insulation and steel plates. Builders usually keep many designs which cater to this floor plan. Moreover, it is easier to customize and make changes while using the American Geodesic plan. In a long run, this floor plan proves to be more economical than a stick-built home. Installation of this plan does not need the added expenditure incurred in adding gutters, insulation, shingles, tar paper, plywood and roof trusses. The sheathing, external finish and the complete structural framework can be completed by concreting the sides and linking the steel mesh.

There are essentially two types of floor plans for manufactured homes, namely the blueprint for rapid modular homes and American Geodesic dome plan. The former are low-cost houses built by home builders, which make use of structural insulated panels. Home builders can complete this floor plan in a matter of three days based upon the help from a three-member squad. Around 2,000 sq. ft. of panel assembly is possible in this floor plan without the need of mounting a dry wall next to the interior panels. The vertical and horizontal chases that run inside the panels are used as a background for electrical wiring. Structural insulated panels provide the added advantage of usage of less amount of energy.

Home builder also use the structural insulated panels for the purpose of creating a resilient construction plate. The walls and aluminum in the roofs are substantiated by the combination of foamed core in between the two cement panels. Roofs, ceilings and walls are constructed by home builders by using the specially manufactured panels. Thus, the client need not spend a fortune on wood for constructing homes, and even gain from a number of other environmental benefits, such as saving energy.

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