Saturday, May 7, 2011

Modular - A Traditional Home Builder Construction

The Modular Homes have multiple uses as these can be used for long-term temporary or permanent facilities. Furthermore, these houses are an ideal solution in rural and remote areas, where traditional construction may not be possible or reasonable. While constructing these homes, the materials are purchased in bulk directly from the credible suppliers, which help in saving cost and eliminating the middleman. In addition to this, Modular construction generally takes place indoors, which increases efficiency.

The Modular components are ideally constructed inside a unique indoor facility, which uses an assembly line track for easy movement of the modules from one place to another. While constructing these structures, independent building inspectors visit the site for supervising the process and for ensuring that all the building codes are followed. The modules used for construction are assembled off-site in a factory and then are transported to the site for assembling with the help of a crane. It generally takes several hours or days for properly placing these modules together. Once, these modules are assembled, the Modular Homes are simply indistinguishable from the traditionally built homes.

With the traditional home construction, a huge amount of preparation is required first. The duration of the construction process is also affected at times with the weather and contractor scheduling. This also exceeds the cost of labor and material replacement. The problem has been overcome with the emergence of Modular Homes. These houses in turn reduce the amount of time and money required for the completion of project. Though, a traditionally built home often decreases in value over time, a carefully built Modular structure can increase the value due to its longevity.

These contemporary structures are easy to assemble on top of several foundation surfaces like crawl space, stilts, standard slab at grade or basements. Moreover, the exterior wall surfaces can also be finalized according to the choices and preferences of the home makers.

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