Thursday, June 2, 2011

Modular and Manufactured Homes Offer Luxury Housing at Affordable Costs

Costs of homes are rising dramatically, and this has led to the increase in popularity of manufactured as well as modular homes among people across Canada. This is so because of the low costs of the building the homes in facilities where resources are readily available. However, luxury is guaranteed in manufactured homes, as buyers have flexibility of choosing floor plans as well as material used in building the whole unit or its parts. Additionally, they can also opt for upgrades periodically and make sure that their new factory-made home is world class.

Manufactured homes are built up to a single floor and provided to owners with option of non-drywall, full finished drywall or partial drywall, which is done as per their choices. Likewise, modular homes are constructed according to the floor plans chosen by them at company premises. Thus, they can customize the size of the rooms, add special areas, like expansive porch, mirror closets, bar or billiard room. Such flexibilities enable the manufacturers to provide these homes with facilities that are usually restricted to luxury accommodation.

By ordering a manufactured or modular home rather getting one built on-site, people can get all the features of a luxury home at 30-35% lower rates, depending upon area covered and location. People looking to enjoy lives in lap of luxury in prefabricated home order these with elegant bathroom fittings, remote controlled lighting, opulent doors and other designing features that enhance their overall aesthetic appeal. Similarly, exterior designing features like specialized roof tiles, decorative mailbox, complementing colors of wall and window paints as well as doors can be added to these buildings for making these more appealing and sophisticated.

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