Thursday, June 2, 2011

Modular Homes – The Future of Residential Construction

Construction industry is evolving from the point of view of homeowners, as people are increasingly opting for homes that are 'manufactured' at production units of companies instead of being site-built. Such homes are termed prefabricated, and primarily include modular and manufactured homes. Though people are apprehensive about the idea of getting homes made in a production plant, more and more people are choosing these homes due to factors like customizability and cost effectiveness. These homes cost at least 10-35% lesser than site-built homes, and allow the buyers to exercise control over how their home would look upon completion of the project.

Modular homes are considered the solution to problems of people who move very frequently, since these can be transferred from one location to another on wheeled platforms and cranes. Thus, if the residents have to move from one city or even state to another, they would have the option of settling down in familiar accommodation despite the new location. Manufactured homes are also favored by all prospective homeowners who are looking for homes that can provide high returns for the money they have invested in them. In this regard, the affordable prefabricated housing units are most suitable as these are cheap to buy, but their prices increase with time, just like those of site-built homes.

Many individuals and families seeking homes are looking at manufactured and modular homes as feasible options. Being resistant to adverse weather conditions, pests and earthquake, these homes allow buyers to enjoy luxurious lifestyle without any concerns regarding degradation. There are various housing societies that have been set up exclusively for such homes. Further, these prefabricated homes can also be installed with utmost ease at locations which are dominated by site-built units.

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