Monday, March 4, 2013

New Home Plans In The Kelowna Valley For Modular Built Houses

Kelowna Valley is hot for new homes and modular buildings. The tranquil environment in this zone calls for those who intend to own a house in this amazingly attractive setting. It is a great idea to own a modular house in such a valley. It reduces the costs of home building and operations. It has reduced carbon footprint and lovely interior. Creative layout plans make houses in the Kelowna region worth owning. You can choose from all type of classical layouts depending on your family size or preferences.

Because these homes are custom-built and manufactured in factories, they don't have even one percent of irregularities compared to the new homes built on site. Energy efficiency is their USP. They don't lose out on any of the energy rating certifications, you can always get one from the standard rating agencies.

It is also easy for renovating the modular homes. They can be recreated because their dismantling doesn't need heavy machinery. They can be replaced and easily moved. As per the renovation home plans, one can choose to renovate them. The cost of building new homes is low. Their customization is totally in the hands of the buyer, although he will be guided at each step by the builder/contractor/home building company.
The search for a Kelowna home ends with modular home building solutions from Free port Industries. We have done plenty of projects in the Okanagan region and are growing so fast. Our modular home construction capacity is impeccable and we complete projects in comfortable time and budget. For more details please visit:

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