Thursday, November 22, 2012

Prefabricated homes a recent innovation in the field of home building

The conventional method of home building has been replaced with the introduction of modular homes by a large number of companies that offer innovative architectural solutions. This kind of construction concentrates on setting up a structure using modules or sections that are prefabricated in factories.

Modules that are constructed in factories are transported to the site where the building is to be built. They are then placed over the foundation, using cranes. These sections can be interlocked with each other or stacked one above the other, to form a complete building. New homes or multistory buildings, with a maximum height of four stories, can be built using such a mode of construction.

The modules used in constructing a modular building is usually built of stainless steel. The clients are provided with an option of customizing the designs and plans as the metal can be molded accordingly in the factory. This feature adds to the advantages of modular type of home building.

In addition to new homes, modular construction also helps in building up of other structures like hospitals, schools and churches. Natural and man-made factors do not affect the progress of construction of the modular buildings as they are built in a factory that has a controlled atmosphere. Reputed companies that indulge in the construction of modular structures have access to state-of-the-art tools and machinery which results in high quality and standards.

Modular buildings produce less wastage and are eco-friendly. Since they are constructed using sections, the whole building can be dismantled after use. This is one of the other advantages which makes people prefer this type of home building over conventional ones. This is especially true of people who migrate from one place to another after a certain period of time.

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